GYEON Q²M Bathe+ Coating Shampoo 400ml

GYEON Q²M Bathe+ Coating Shampoo 400ml - CARZILLA
GYEON Q²M Bathe+ Coating Shampoo 400ml - CARZILLA.CA

GYEON Q²M Bathe+ Coating Shampoo 400ml

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Instant beading

instant hydrophobics

Q²M Bathe+ is entirely safe on all surfaces, including paint, rims, glass, and plastic. It provides instant protection to bare surfaces or enhances the base ceramic coating already applied. Additionally, it can be used over existing natural waxes or sealants, improving their durability and gloss. With its active SiO₂ ingredient, Q²M Bathe+ adds tangible protection that becomes evident with every wash. Unlike many so-called 'wash and wax' shampoos, it leaves your vehicle with increased hydrophobicity and self-cleaning ability, actively maintaining a cleaner appearance for an extended period.

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Slippery Wash & Coat

There are three ways to use Q²M Bathe+. You can dilute it for use as a regular shampoo with hydrophobic properties, spray it on the car with a foam lance, or simply spread it on wet, clean paintwork with a microfiber wash mitt.

TIP: Always work on cool paint, avoiding direct sunlight. Work in sections and never allow the product to dry.

Scroll down for detailer reviews and FAQs.

gyeon bathe plus ceramic shampoo

GYEON Bathe+ Coating Shampoo 400ml

Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance. The rust proofing shampoo.

Q²M Bathe+ is the world’s first pH neutral shampoo containing SiO2. Even a quick wash leaves a strong hydrophobic layer, repelling water, dirt and prolonging the need for a next wash. The wash itself is a real joy, while the shampoo is very slick and has a scent characteristic of the whole Gyeon range.

  • CONSUMPTION: 15-20ml/car

  • PH LEVEL: 6

  • SiO2 PERCENTAGE: <5%

  • DURABILITY: up to 8 weeks


Q²M Bathe+ is perfectly safe on all surfaces including paint, rims, glass and plastic and it will add instant protection to bare surfaces or boost the base quartz coating you already have on these surfaces. It can also be used over existing natural waxes or sealants improving their durability and gloss. The active SiO2 ingredient adds real protection that you can see every time you wash, unlike many so called ‘wash and wax’ shampoos, you are left with added hydrophobicity and self-cleaning ability that keeps your car actively cleaner for longer.


When it comes to all-in-one products, Q²M Bathe+ can be claimed to be revolutionary! Just a quick wash is enough to obtain a marvelous hydrophobic effect and easy maintenance for the next couple of weeks. It is a phenomenal solution for the wintertime, when washing gets harder and the boost in self-cleaning abilities improves the comfort of vehicle maintenance.


Q²M Bathe+ might be used as a regular maintenance shampoo with hydrophobic properties added. Dilute 15-20ml in 15L of water and wash with straight-forward motion using a high quality mitt. For maximum hydrophobicity, pour a few drops on the mitt and spread over a clean and wet car. Rinse well with a pressure washer. Q²M Bathe+ might be also used as a hydrophobic snow foam with a quality foam lancer.


GLOSS:    ★★★★

BEADING:    ★★★★




Bathe+ emphasizes slipperiness and water beading, and foam does not determine a shampoo's safety. Consider waterless and rinseless washes, which are often non-foaming but provide excellent slickness.

Mix anywhere between 1:5~1:10 with water. Same for hand held foaming pumps.

We vote slickness because that's how rinseless and waterless wash products work; the slippery solution helps prevent scratching.

While foam technically lifts soil off the surface more effectively, during contact washing, it's important to prioritize slickness.

Always wash in the shade and avoid direct sunlight. Do not allow the product to dry, and it's best to work on half a vehicle at a time.

If you allow the product to dry, it may leave streaks. Simply return and wash the area again or touch up with a quick detailer.

Bathe+ is a godsend when it comes to washing wheels, suspension, and undercarriage. It cleans and protects in one go.

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