GYEON Q² Purify Coat 100ml

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GYEON Q² Purify Coat 100ml

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GYEON Q2 Purify Coat

It takes advantage of unique technology to prevent the development of bacteria and microbes on any interior surface. Leaves a natural, matte finish. Can be used on trim, leather and fabrics.

BOX CONTAINS: Q² Purify Coat 100ml / 1 Applicator Set / Manual

REMOVE AND PREVENT BACTERIA, MICROBES AND FUNGI: A complimentary line of products helps to remove and prevent any bacteria, fungi or viruses. Its modern, advanced surface science, allows it to create an active barrier against the growth of any microbes.

UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY: Q² Purify Coat creates an anti-bacterial layer on any surface, in automotive, marine or home applications. Unlike alcohol-based products, its 100% natural formula is durable for up to 12 months. We managed to functionalise silica (SiO2) particles at an atomic level. The mininal additiona of copper (Cu2+) as an active ingredient, allow to achieve a long lasting effect and complete safety of use.

MAKE YOUR ENVIROMENT THE SAFEST: With the Purify line, anti-bacterial growth and bio-hazard nuisances can be controlled effectively, without any negative impact on your health and surroundings, thanks to its 100% natural ingredients formulation. Moreover, its application is not limited to your vehicle interior - it can also be used as an effective solution in your home, office, business and much more. Unique technology used for the first time in the automotive industry brings a new standard in anti-bacterial surface protection and creates an entirely new product group which can extend the portfolio of detailing studios or car washes. This is what Purify is all about.

BEST PRACTICE AND PRO-TIPS FROM YVES HEYLEN: When applying Q² Purify Coat, spread the product as evenly as possible—no pressure required. I like doing it in a circular motion first and finishing in straight lines. Let the product dry before giving the surface a final dry wipe. If you notice a slight high spot, re-apply and wipe off immediately. Use Q²M Purify Maintain as your maintenance spray to extend the durability of Q² Purify Coat.