GYEON PPF Protect+ (5 x 50 ft roll)

GYEON PPF Protect+ (5 x 50 ft roll) - CARZILLA.CA
GYEON PPF Protect+ (5 x 50 ft roll) - CARZILLA.CA

GYEON PPF Protect+ (5 x 50 ft roll)

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GYEON PPF Protect+ (5 x 50 ft roll)

Invisible protection for your paintwork

Gyeon PPF Protect+ and Enhance are advanced paint protection films, offering the ultimate protection against mechanical damage matched with outstanding water repellency, self-healing properties and gloss.



Enhance is a film designed with easy of installation and a phenomenal darkening (enhancement) effect in mind. It is flexible and a perfect entry-level choice for less experienced installers. 

Very glossy, highly darkening, Enhance provides extreme depth and gloss. Very high hydrophobic properties are matched with an almost instant self-healing effect. 

Enhance comes with a 5-year warranty for manufacturer defect, possibly prolonged in the Infinite Warranty program. 


Protect+ is the bulletproof option. Extremely resistant to UV exposure (no yellowing even in extreme conditions) and harsh chemicals. The slickness of the topcoat and hydrophobicity are not even slightly damaged by tar&glue removing agents. 

This comes without the usual compromise. Protect+ looks amazing, has outstanding clarity and reassembles the natural structure of the paintwork, in some cases presenting less orange peel than the paint itself. 

It is self-healing, glossy and extremely hydrophobic. 

Due to a different topcoat, the film feels slightly stiffer and requires more skill and experience in installation on completion shaped panels compared to Enhance. 

Protect+ comes with a 7-year warranty for manufacturer defect, possibly prolonged in the Infinite Warranty program.

What's the difference?

GYEON introduced two innovative types of film. Both PROTECT+ and ENHANCE are made of the same thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with a unique pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) layer. What differs, are the film-specific topcoats. Both topcoats are ceramic-based, but have different features.  

Despite 2 different top-coat, both films share incredible hydrophobicity and self-healing properties. 

60” x 50ft roll, 64 x 7 x 7, 28lb