GYEON Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild 1L

GYEON Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild 1L - CARZILLA.CA
GYEON Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild 1L - CARZILLA.CA

GYEON Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild 1L

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Won't strip protectants and coatings

Safe Cleaning

Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild is a gentle yet highly effective pre-coating leather cleaner. Formulated in collaboration with Gyeon's premium Q² LeatherShield, it stands as the ultimate leather preparation product for use before applying a coating.

This cleaner effectively eliminates light dirt, oily residue, and even light discoloration. Notably, the formula excludes softening or preserving additives, ensuring a surface that is fully prepared for coating.

Streak Free

With GYEON Glass, you're guaranteed a streak-free finish. (Use GYEON Glass Pack)

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Leather Ceramic Coating

Resistant to UV, abrasion, dye, and spills. Works on vegan leather as well.

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Interior Detailer

Provides a quick clean, and eliminates 99% of bacteria and germs. Safe on all surfaces including Alcantara and LCD screens.

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Works on vinyl and plastics

Start by vacuuming the upholstery. Mix Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild with water to increase foam and aid in distributing the cleaner. Apply the solution using the Q²M LeatherBrush, working in sections.

TIP: Remove dirt with a microfiber in a straight motion. Utilize at least three towels: one for the initial wipe, a damp one to remove suds, and another one to dry the surface.

Scroll down for detailer reviews and FAQs.

Gyeon leather cleaners and coatings

GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild 1L

Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance

Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild is an gentle yet effective pre-coating leather cleaner. Developed along with Gyeon’s high-end Q² Leather Shield, it is the ultimate leather preparation product for use before a coating application. It removes light dirt, oily residue and even light discolouration. Unlike most leather cleaners, the formula does not include any softening or preserving additives, leaving a surface ready for coating.



Always vacuum the upholstery first. Use Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild along with water, to increase the foam and help distributing the cleaner. Use the Q²M Leather Brush. Work in sections. TIP: Always remove dirt with a microfibre in straight motion. Use at least 3 towels: for the initial wipe, a damp one to remove suds and another one to dry the surface.

CONSUMPTION: 100ml/car



Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild is the perfect solution for daily maintenance and pre-coating preparation of leather upholstery. It does not contain any softening additives and does not leave any residue that could potentially interfere with a quality quartz coating. Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild leaves a fully matte finish and is suitable for all modern types of leather. It might be used on coated leather too, not removing the coating and gently cleansing the surface.

Leather Cleaner Mild & Strong only works with 'finished' or coated automotive leather. Do not use on Aniline un-coated leather or semi aniline leather.

Use GYEON LeatherCleaner Natural instead, this one's safe on aniline and semi-aniline.

Yes and no. It depends on how long the dye has been on the leather. Leather is fairly porous, and dye can migrate into the material, making it challenging to remove. If caught within a few days, Leather Cleaner Strong can potentially remove it. However, if the dye is etched into the leather, redyeing the finish may be necessary.

No, both Leather Cleaner Strong and Mild will yield a matte finish.

Not limited to leather, it can also clean plastics, vinyl, vegan leather, dashboards, and trim.

Yes, it will lather when agitated with a brush and works in a foaming bottle as well.

Mild is excellent for maintenance, while Strong can effectively remove leather protection products for a full strip and deep clean.

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