Gtechniq G5 Water Repellent Coating for Glass and Perspex 100ml

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Formulated to offer the very best dirt and water repellency. One application lasts for up to 5 months. G5 is straightforward to apply and ideal for intercity driving conditions. 85m2 per L.


What's special about Gtechniq G5 Water Repellent Coating for Glass and Perspex?

With non-factory applied glass coatings there is a direct tradeoff between longevity and repellency. G5 is designed to offer the maximum possible repellency while offering reasonable durability. Water is blown off car screens at speeds as low as 30mph and on vertical glass water rolls off leaving a virtually spot free surface. G5 coated glass will stay cleaner for longer and any contaminants such as bugs and ice will be much easier to remove.