Griot's Garage Paint Glaze 16oz

Griot's Garage Paint Glaze 16oz

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Griot's Garage Paint Glaze 16oz

Hide Swirl Marks And Light Scratches

There are some situations when removing scratches may take more time than you have or the paint is older and you don't want to remove any more, even if it is microns. Years of development and testing were involved to bring you the superior results of this glaze. Premium oils and fillers hide light swirl marks. You can layer this glaze so the more coats you apply, the more you hide. Apply it sparingly using our Orange Foam Correcting Pads or Black Foam Finishing Pads. No need to let the glaze dry. Wipe the excess off after application. Topcoat with your choice of Griot's Garage wax or sealant.