Griots Garage High Gloss Dressing 8oz

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Griots Garage High Gloss Dressing 8oz

High Gloss Dressing For Vinyl & Rubber Gives You Fantastic Looking Tires And Rubber Plus UV Protection

Some of you have been asking for a glossy dressing for tires, rubber, plastic, and vinyl. High Gloss Dressing leaves a high sheen protectant and is easy to apply. You'll enjoy how it dries on your tires and leaves behind a smooth black finish. Contains no dangerous solvents that can harm and dull the surface of vinyl and rubber over time. Special UV blocking agents leave behind a protective coating to help keep your vinyl and rubber parts from cracking, fading, or hardening. For a more satin finish, try our Vinyl & Rubber Dressing. Both are the finest products on the market, allowing you to achieve professional results on interiors, exterior trim, tires, and all the plastic and rubber parts of your vehicles! Try our Blue Detail Sponges and Applicator Pads for easy application.