Griots Garage Complete Polish 16oz

Griots Garage Complete Polish 16oz

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Griots Garage Complete Polish 16oz

Griots Garage Complete Polish uses fine sub-micron abrasives to gently polish and refine paint. The light cutting power will remove mild, hairline scratches and imperfections and will create an evenly smooth surface. When used after Griots Garage Complete Compound, your paint will be blemish and scratch free and ready for a layer of gloss-enhancing wax or sealant.

The engineers over at Griots Garage are some of the best in the industry. As shown in their line of Machine Polishes, they know what they’re doing. Griots Garage Complete Polish is no exception. Achieving the perfect finish is something every detail oriented car guy strives for and the new Griots Complete twins help you on your way to perfection.

Aside from the sub-micron abrasives found in Griots Garage Complete Polish, the formula also contains rich polishing actives that can make any color paint POP. The easy to remove formula is clearcoat safe and helps you get on with your detail faster. Griots Garage Complete Polish functions admirably as a standalone product for less severe paint finishes, but can also be used as a follow up to Griots Garage Complete Compound and will remove any leftover compound haze.

Whether you’ve been detailing for years, or Griots Garage Complete Polish is the first step you’ve taken in your journey to perfect paint, you can expect fantastic results every time. Use Griots Garage Complete Polish on a foam polishing pad with a dual action polisher for best results.