Griot's Garage Car Wash 128oz

Griot's Garage Car Wash 128oz

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Griot's Garage Car Wash 128oz

Soap Is For Dishes. Our Car Wash Is Safe, Effective, And Super-Concentrated

Washing your vehicle is perhaps the most important step in car care to get right and Griot's Garage Car Wash is engineered to ensure success. Our super-concentrated formula delivers 2 gallons of high-sudsing lubricity per ounce, safely lifting dirt and grime preventing swirls and scratches. Safe for all finishes (including matte paint and wraps). The 16 ounce bottle creates 32 gallons of sudsing wash, and the gallon gives you a whopping 256 gallons, making it the best bang for your buck of any of our car washes!