Geist. Large Textile Brush

Geist. Large Textile Brush

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The perfect addition to your car detailing and home cleaning tools. Cleaning leather with a microfibre cloth or towel and a cleaner doesn't always lift all the dirt stuck in the grain and pores of leather. It is the perfect size – small enough to get into tight and hard to reach areas allowing you to clean build up of dirt and soiling from every nook and cranny. While perfect for detailing car interiors, cleaning sofas and leather furniture, this versatile brush is also great for cleaning cloth seats, upholstery, small leather goods, boots, sneakers and lots more. This brush is made with synthetic bristles that are stiff enough to lift dirt and grime from the leather texture but not so stiff that they mark the surface. 20 mm long synthetic bristles are densely and securely packed into a solid wooden handle – the bristles do not shed and make cleaning quick and easy.

Why synthetic bristles?

Brushes with natural bristles are soft and generate heat when rubbed on a surface. Thus making it ideal for polishing shoes which are a smooth leather surface but not that effective for cleaning a textured surface.

Synthetic bristles don't have cuticles so there's no absorption of cleaning fluid, making it ideal for cleaning as no product is absorbed into the bristles and wasted.

How to clean the brush itself?

Rinse with warm water and dish soap. Dry wooden handle immediately with a rag.

Dimentions: 6.5" x 2"