Fireball Ultimate Trim & Tire 500ml (SiO2)

Fireball Ultimate Trim & Tire 500ml (SiO2) - CARZILLA.CA

Fireball Ultimate Trim & Tire 500ml (SiO2)

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Water-based SiO2 dressing for interior and exterior.

Water-based dressing that provides a satin, deep finish without being greasy and a dust magnet.  Can be used on exterior trims, tires, dashboard, and vinyl surfaces.  It restores the surface to like-new conditions and adds a layer of hydrophobicity.  When surface is coated with a UV inhibitor and antioxidant, it retains its original colour for longer.  Can be used on weather strips to maintain its elasticity, preventing it to harden and crack.

CANNOT SHIP TO THE US.  Canadian customers only.