Fireball Premium Easy Coat (Extra) 500ml

Fireball Premium Easy Coat (Extra) 500ml - CARZILLA.CA
Fireball Premium Easy Coat (Extra) 250ml - CARZILLA.CA

Fireball Premium Easy Coat (Extra) 500ml

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A spray and rinse off SiO2 coating, in a gel concentrate.

A simple to use, highly concentrated, spray and rinse coating.  The "Extra" version is gel-like on purpose, so once it's diluted down, it'll still be able to maintain some of its viscosity, making the solution to cling onto verticle panels more effectively.

Just like all of Fireball's coating products, this one will also provide extreme tight water beading and gloss.  

So why spray and rinse, why not wipe?  A spray and rinse application is much appreciated for coating hard to reach areas such as grills, emblems, high spoke count wheels, and motorcycles.  Why wiping and buffing everything down when you can rinse!


  • Wash vehicle first, but do not dry.
  • Product can be diluted from 1:5 ~ 1:30 in a spray bottle or pump.
  • Spray Easy Coat only on wet surfaces, as water remaining on the panel can help it spread and not flash as fast.  Do not let dry.
  • Rinse off after 10~30 seconds depending on dilution.  Due to the strength of the product, do not let it set on the panel for over a minute, or dry.
  • Work with a panel at a time.
  • Safe on trim, windows, PPF, wheels, chrome, exhausts, metals, gel coat etc.  Will not fade trim.
  • Can also be wet wiped and applied with a microfiber towel.

CANNOT SHIP TO THE US.  Canadian customers only.