Fireball PH3 Shampoo 500ml

Fireball PH3 Shampoo 500ml - CARZILLA.CA

Fireball PH3 Shampoo 500ml

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pH3 stripping soap + coating revitalizer wash

Coating restoration and decon wash.

PH3 is a mild acidic car shampoo that can be used in foam cannon or bucket wash. Do you have a muted ceramic coating (that's not beading as aggressively as day one) especially after winter? Here's your saver: PH3 is designed to remove contaminants, waterspots and other build-ups on the paint and bring back the water-heading behaviour of your ceramic coating.  It can also be used on wheels, plastics surfaces, windows, metals, chrome, under carriage etc., just don't let the product dry.  


Foam cannon: Dilute 1:5 ~ 1:10 (preferred way to fully decontaminate, then followed by bucket wash)

Bucket Wash: Dilute 1:600 ~ 1:1000 (mild decon/clean up)