Fireball Iron Burn SE 4L Concentrated

Fireball Iron Burn SE 4L Concentrated - CARZILLA.CA

Fireball Iron Burn SE 4L Concentrated

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Iron Burn Special Edition, concentrated

Dilute 1:1~5

The Iron Burn has only one purpose, to become the most powerful iron remover ever, yet safe on all finishes.  Designed to remove ferrous iron deposits from paint, glass, wheels, vinyl, films, plastics and such. Ferrous Iron contamination is commonly caused by up sling from vehicle brake pads, rail dust from transports, or from construction, industrial areas. When applied to a vehicle, the clear acid-free and pH-balanced solution will turn purple once it begins to react with metal or rust particles, it chemically dissolves it without contact.

Please note that Iron Burn is not a clay bar replacement, it complements clay. The idea of using Iron Burn first is to dissolve the majority of the contaminants first, making clay barring safer and easier, as the grit the clay picks up can potentially scratch the paint. Iron Burn can also be used in tight areas, crevices where clay bar has trouble going into, for example, the emblems.

Iron Burn is highly suitable and effective on automotive paint and ideally all types of rims: Alloy, Chrome, Metal, High-gloss polished and painted. With pH-balanced formula, Iron Burn does its work without harming the surface. But do not let dry and do not use on fabric/canvass tops.

Brake dust as we know it is acidic, leaving it on the surface for too long can pit and corrode the finish away. The idea is this: instead of cleaning, cleaning and cleaning, it’s best to clean it once thoroughly then properly protect the surface with a wax or coating.

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