Fireball Graphene Paste Wax 100g

Fireball Graphene Paste Wax 100g

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Graphene infused T1 carnauba show wax

Graphene show wax provides a vivid lustre, finish and deepens the colour.  It adds a 'shade' to finishes; darkens dark coloured paint and adds a rich shade to lighter colour finishes.  Makes black darker and white paint richer, providing depth that's often missing from lighter paints.  Strong water repellency and waterspot prevention from the graphene additives, also making the wax heat resistant and not 'sweat' and 'sticky' under heat.  


Spread product as thinly as possible, let light haze for 5~10 minutes and buff off.  Can be layered after 6~12 hours for extra depth.  Looks good after waxing, will look even better after when it cures for 12~24 hours later.

CANNOT SHIP TO THE US.  Canadian customers only.