Fireball Butterfly Graphene 50ml (Studio Only)

Fireball Butterfly Graphene 50ml (Studio Only) - CARZILLA.CA
Fireball Butterfly Graphene 50ml (Studio Only) - CARZILLA.CA

Fireball Butterfly Graphene 50ml (Studio Only)

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Fireball Butterfly+ Graphene Edition New

Butterfly (Graphene)- The new and improved formula contains even more chemical and water spot resistance compared to other coatings on the market. This ultra slick coating makes for an incredibly easy installation process. The surface can be washed within 8 hours of application, with full curing taking place between 48-72 hours, making for a faster curing process (depending on climate). Butterfly Graphene contains over 90% Si02 & Si glass-ceramic compounds made from five different types of Si02. This formula also contains titanium along with added graphene oxide for increased durability for up to 9 years. The advanced graphene technology enhances gloss, water-spot resistance, increased slickness, hydrophobicity and exceeds 9H hardness for an extremely durable coating.

Dual Bonded SiO2 Molecules

Only Fireball coatings have Dual Bonded SiO2 Molecules. The dual bonding creates better coating integrity, surface finish, clarity and depth. Dual bonding also increases micro scratch resistance and allows self-healing properties via the use of a heat gun if required.

Titanium Scratch / UV / Clean

All Fireball coatings have added Titanium. Titanium provides extremely excellent UV Protection for the coated surfaces. Titanium provides extra protection against micro-scratches and abrasions, as well as providing a reactive surface that helps break down surface contaminants. The Titanium added to our coatings is one of the highest in the market.

Silla is an extreme protective coating which will produce an exceptional level of gloss.  Utilizing advanced hard mineral silica tech, this durable layer of surface protection will enhance both paint colour and gloss.  It also provides added resistance to common environmental contaminants which would otherwise damage the unprotected paint.  Unlike traditional wax-based products of the past, Silla is a specially developed product containing the hard mineral Silica SiO2.  The difference in shine is immediately noticeable once the product is applied, gloss is incomparable.  (7-year warranty, only valid via certified installers, conditions apply).

The kit comes complete with 2x Applicator blocks and 5x Suede sheets.

  • 9 Year Durability
  • Advanced graphene oxide ceramic technology
  • Extremely hard
  • Enhances gloss
  • Improved formula
  • Modern innovation
  • The best graphene coating in the world
  • 1-Layer application

Removal time 3~5 minutes, layering time 1~2 hours.  24~48 hours no water.  Full cure ~1 week.  Can be topped with sio2 sprays after 24 hours.

CANNOT SHIP TO THE US.  Canadian customers only.