Fireball Brazil Wax 100g

Fireball Brazil Wax 100g

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Fireball's ultimate show car wax with T1 carnauba, hand crafted to perfection that guarantees a deep, wet finish.  Just like coffee and tea, there are different grades of beans and leaves, Fireball had to dig deep to sourced their carnauba, making sure it's truly the best of the best and not just some "T1" like every other waxes.  Having top tier carnauba does not mean much if the chemistry blend is weak, it's just not going to shine and last.  Thankfully being in the coating game, durability and finish is no stranger to Fireball.  Putting their knowledge from the Fusion Wax to play, the Brazil Wax can still last 2~3 months, but durability is not what Fireball is after on this one, it's maximum gloss and the dripping wet finish, period.

The difference between this and their Show Car Wax is, the T1+ carnauba and a heavier dose of it, giving the filling effect and gloss a boost.

Simply apply a thin coat, let dry for 10min and buff off, layerable after 6~12 hours.

CANNOT SHIP TO THE US.  Canadian customers only.