Ethos Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover 16oz

Ethos Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover 16oz

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  • Brake Dust Dissolving Technology - Gel formula sticks to wheels on contact, attacking brake dust quickly and easily to clean with less scrubbing. 
  • Color Changing Formula - You can see the reaction activating from Green to Purple as it dissolves brake dust. When the color is completely changed it’s time to rinse away.
  • Safe On All Wheel Finishes - Works on chrome, alloy, powder coated, painted or polished wheels.
  • Eco Friendly -  Our professional strength formula is free of harsh chemicals and completely safe to use!
Color Changing Formula
You can see the reaction activating from Green to Purple as it dissolves brake dust. When the color is completely changed it’s time to rinse away.
Brake Dust Eliminator
Gel Formula sticks to wheels on contact attacking brake dust quickly and easily, meaning less scrubbing.
Safe on All Wheel Finishes
Our high strength forumla is tough on contaminants and safe on chrome, alloy, powder coated, painted, polished wheels.
Eco Friendly
A little of our high strength professional formula goes a long way and is completely free of caustic acids, reducing the impact of the product run off.


Simply spray on and watch Ethos Wheel Cleaner melt away brake dust! Our color changing Wheel Cleaner is designed to provide industry best cleaning power, while being safe and easy to use on any wheel finish. We designed this vertical clinging gel formula with powerful cleaners, surfactants, and degreasers to attack brake dust without the need for caustic acids.


Brake dust can be one of the toughest contaminants to remove from your wheels. We formulated Ethos Wheel Cleaner to activate on contact and immediately begin dissolving brake dust to make this process much easier! Wheel Cleaner's thick gel formula allows it to stick in place cleaning hard to reach places normally missed by average cleaners that run down and pool at the bottom of your wheels.


Ethos Wheel Cleaner was formulated with contaminant activated color changing formula. You can actually see as our fast acting formula cleans your wheels as the formula changes from green to purple. Once the activated gel has changed color completely you know its done working, ready for a quick agitation, and time to rinse clean–this means no guessing and no wasted Wheel Cleaner!


Ethos Wheel Cleaner unique chemistry is safe on clear-coated, powder-coated, chrome, alloy, polished, and painted wheels! The other guys wheel cleaners can be harmful to your wheel's finish and dissolve more than just contaminants. Ethos Wheel Cleaner works fast on stubborn contamination while being gentle on your wheel's finish.


Our Wheel Cleaner is stronger than the competitions so you actually need to use less of it to get your wheels sparking clean. As well as saving you money this also directly reduces your environmental impact by creating less chemical run off from cleaning your wheels. Additional to limit environmental impact and most importantly make your experience safer and more enjoyable we use no caustic acids in our cleaner!