Ethos Graphene Shine Trim & Tire Shine 16oz

Ethos Graphene Shine Trim & Tire Shine 16oz

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Tire Shine Enhanced With Graphene

Making a tire shiny is one thing, but creating a tire shine that was easy to use, water-based, didn’t sling, and lasted long was no easy feat. Graphene Shine provides a high sheen, new tire look without any mess or stress! This water-based, graphene-enhanced formula adds stronger bonding protection to your tires, plastics, or trim. Its rich, semi-gloss sheen is guaranteed not to sling or discolor like other solvent-based dressings. Graphene Shine applies effortlessly and leaves a hydrophobic, UV protectant layer behind. 

In addition, Graphene Shine will darken and rejuvenate faded trim or tires, bringing them back to a like-new appearance in minutes.

  • Graphene-enhanced tire, plastic, and trim dressing
  • Non-sling, Water-based formula
  • Rich satin, semi-gloss sheen 
  • Adds long-lasting UV protection