Ethos Cleanse Graphene Car Shampoo 16oz

Ethos Cleanse Graphene Car Shampoo 16oz

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Graphene Infused Coating Shampoo

  • Infused with graphene coating protection
  • Ultra slick, heavy-duty surfactants
  • Revitalizes ceramic or graphene coatings
  • Enhances shine and hydrophobic effect with each wash

Cleanse - Graphene Shampoo is a highly concentrated graphene-infused car shampoo that powers through contaminants with ease. Cleanse features the same active coating resins found in our graphene coating line providing an extra layer of protection as you wash your vehicle. This protection enhances and preserves any ceramic or graphene-based coating and provides protection to untreated surfaces.

Designed for coating maintenance, this shampoo provides heavy-duty cleaning power and ultra-slick surfactants that won’t leave scratches, water spots or streaks behind. Cleanse is our highest activity shampoo to date and 100% guaranteed to enhance your coating wash process.