Ethos Ceramic Speed Wax 16oz

Ethos Ceramic Speed Wax 16oz

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New and Improved Spray-On Ceramic Wax!

We revolutionized the industry in 2017 by releasing the first of its kind "Ceramic Wax" to market. Ceramic Wax V1 combined the protective properties of ceramic coatings into an easy-to-apply paste wax that anyone could apply. In late 2019 our V2 further improved the user's experience and durability. Now, we're happy to release our latest and greatest Ceramic Wax to market featuring our biggest improvements yet!

Ceramic Speed Wax combines the robust protective properties of ceramic coatings into an easy-to-use and versatile spray wax. Speed Wax leaves behind a durable and long-lasting ceramic coating on any vehicle and can even be applied in direct sunlight. Formulated with our patented reactive Sio2 CoPolymers, Ceramic Speed Wax instantly bonds to the surface creating a slick, showroom shine.

What can you expect with Ceramic Speed Wax?
  • Durable and Long Lasting Ceramic Protection
  • Easy Spray on, Wipe Off Formula
  • Showroom Shine and Buttery Slick Finish
  • Lightly Polishes and Hides Imperfections