Ethos Ceramic Shampoo 128oz

Ethos Ceramic Shampoo 128oz

Brand: Ethos

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  • Add Ceramic Protection With Every Wash - Si02 resins increase protection and water beading while washing.
  • High Gloss Mirror Finish - Adds a wax like shine without the effort!
  • Rejuvenates Ceramic Coatings - Safely cleans and conditions any form of ceramic coating, wax or sealant.
  • Slick, Sudsy Foam - Lubricates surface to lift off contaminants without scratching.
Ceramic Protection With Every Wash
Infused with ceramic resins to add protection and hydrophobic beading with each wash.
High Gloss Mirror Finish
Adds dripping wet gloss while effortlessly cleaning away dirt and grime.
Rejuvenates Ceramic Coatings
Safely cleans and conditions any form of ceramic coating, wax or sealant - Fills in low spots and repairs the surface of your coating with Si02.
Slick, Sudsy High Foam Formula
Lubricates to easily clean by lifting contaminants from surface while reducing risk of scratching with a layer of foam.


Designed with simplicity in mind and packed with the highest grade ceramic resins that add protection seamlessly during your car wash process. This formula also deep cleans and conditions ceramic coatings, while “Leveling” any low spots to provide additional protection, shine, and performance with each use. Ceramic Shampoo forever re-invents the car washing experience.


Bucket wash: dilute 1~2 oz per 5 gallon bucket.

Foam gun: 2~4 oz per 1~2L's of water.