Dr. Beasley's Wheel Seal 12oz

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Dr. Beasley's Wheel Seal 12oz

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Dr. Beasley's Wheel Seal 12oz

A high-tech synthetic coating for your wheels, Wheel Seal provides a shield that prevents brake dust and other tough contaminants from embedding. Designed for high heat resistance, it’ll hold up at the highest of temperatures. Keep your wheels looking like new, get a bottle today!

Protects wheels from etching, pitting and erosion
Allows brake dust to rinse off easily
Highly heat resistant

Why Wheel Seal?

Wheel Seal is a protective coating for your car’s wheels. But why do your wheels need a coating in the first place?

Eliminate Brake Dust With A Rinse

Brake dust looks disgusting, and it can also be a gigantic pain to remove from your wheels. It embeds itself inside their surface, requiring you to use caustic chemicals, a tough brush and a lot of elbow grease just to get it off. To stop embedding, Wheel Seal’s protective coating captures brake dust, preventing it from touching your wheels’ surface. From there, all you have to do is wash your wheels as you do the rest of your car and the brake dust will rinse right off with the Wheel Seal. Just re-apply and you’re protected again!

Shield Against Etching, Pitting and Rusting

Brake dust and other contaminants do more to your wheels than just look gross. They etch, they pit, they erode, they even lead to rust, leaving you with a wheel that’s damaged beyond all repair. But with Wheel Seal applied, contaminants won’t get the chance. Its protective coating traps them before they can get in contact with the surface, saving your wheels from irreversible damage.

Resistant To High Temperatures

If you’ve ever tried working on your wheels right after driving, you know how hot wheels can get. And if your wheels are that hot after driving, imagine how hot they get while you’re driving! This heat will melt any wax-based sealant you have over your wheels, rendering any protection you had inert. That’s why Wheel Seal was made with an advanced synthetic formula that can withstand the high temperatures wheels reach on the open road. No matter how many times you pump the brakes, your wheels will stay protected.

How Does It Work?

When applied to a dry wheel, Wheel Seal bonds with the surface over a short cure time, creating a protective barrier that traps contaminants. When you’d like to remove the contaminants, simply wash your wheels with Dr. Beasley’s Premium Body Wash and they will rinse off along with the Wheel Seal. After washing, re-apply Wheel Seal to regain protection.

1. Before use, be sure the wheel is clean and dry.
2. Apply Wheel Seal using a soft cloth.
3. Let it cure by leaving it on the surface for several minutes, then use a soft cloth to hand buff for optimal protection
For maximum results, begin by cleaning the wheels with our Premium Wheel Cleanser before applying Wheel Seal.
Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.