Dr. Beasley's Prep Wash 12oz

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Dr. Beasley's Prep Wash 12oz

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PREP WASH is a preparatory waterless surface cleanser that exposes defects and removes contaminants to leave a totally blank slate ready for correction and protection. Contains no oils or silicone.


Removes contamination from the finish to fully reveal scratches and blemishes


Waterless application avoids wetting hard-to-dry gaps and crevices on delicate vehicles


Formulated with extreme lubricity to minimize towel-to-finish friction


Removes contamination to ensure safe machine buffing and a durable coating bond.

Prep Wash was inspired by detailing legend Mike Phillips and his need for a defect-revealing cleanser to use on restored or vintage cars. Something waterless so as to avoid getting water in those hard-to-dry crevices. And unlike most waterless washes available (a certain three letter acronym comes to mind) it had to be totally free of organic ingredients since they stop coatings from permanently bonding.

Dr. Beasley’s founder and formulator Jim Lafeber took Mike’s need as a challenge and got to work! With real-world testing at Dr. Beasley’s detailing studio “Simon’s”, he perfected his inorganic formulation, tweaking factors that allow for easier wipe-off and greater clarity to expose defects.This final formulation is engineered to remove the layer(s) of contaminants that prevent detailers from seeing the full range of defects affecting the finish.

True to Mike’s request, however, this is a completely inorganic product with no carnauba or silicone whatsoever. Jim recommends using it in place of a regular wash before starting the paintwork correction process so detailers can get the clearest view of the defects being addressed. And while other waterless washes with organic ingredients won’t necessarily make the coating fail instantly, organic contamination is a chance you don’t want to take when protecting an investment like a valuable vehicle.