Dr. Beasley's Premium Wheel Cleanser 12oz

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Dr. Beasley's Premium Wheel Cleanser 12oz

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Dr. Beasley's Premium Wheel Cleanser 12oz

An easy-to-use, highly effective wheel cleaner, Premium Wheel Cleanser rids your wheels of dirt, debris and loose brake dust while providing a long lasting shine. Its non-dripping, thickening formula clings to your wheels’ surface to effortlessly lift and dissolve grease, grime and dirt without waste. For the best looking and healthiest wheels, you’ll want to pick up a bottle today.

  •  Removes dust, dirt, and grease on wheels
  •  Clings to surface for zero waste and maximum results
  •  Gives wheels a remarkable shine

Why Premium Wheel Cleanser

Premium Wheel Cleanser is a powerful and easy-to-use wheel cleaner. But what makes it so great at cleaning your wheels?

Cut Through Stubborn Gunk

Since they’re the closest part of your car to the road, wheels take the brunt of the tar, grease and mud that gets kicked up as you drive. Getting that gunk off as soon as possible is imperative – not just because it looks bad, but also because it can stain and etch your wheels. Premium Wheel Cleanser’s powerful formula makes removing these contaminants a breeze. It clings to contaminants, breaking them down at the chemical level for easy removal. Just spray, let sit, agitate and rinse. Your wheels will be back to new.

No-Drip, High Cling Formula

There’s nothing more frustrating than spraying some wheel cleaner only to see it drip off your wheels and onto the ground. What a waste! That’s why we formulated Premium Wheel Cleanser with a gel-like consistency that grips your wheels. This not only saves you from wasting product, it also maximizes your coverage so you can break down as many contaminants as possible.

Make Your Wheels Shine

When your paint is gleaming from a recent coating or wax, dull wheels can really stick out like a sore thumb. Why not give them the same glossy treatment? Premium Wheel Cleanser does just that, since we formulated it with optical brighteners to make your wheels shine just as much as your paint. You deserve a car that glows from top to bottom, and Premium Wheel Cleanser can help make that happen.

How Does It Work?

When sprayed onto a dry wheel surface, Premium Wheel Cleanser clings to contaminants, breaking them down chemically. For stubborn contaminants, agitation with a brush may be needed. After a few minutes, the wheels can be wiped down and rinsed.


1. Shake well.
2. Rinse wheel before spraying directly onto the surface, from the bottom up, to prevent drip marks.
3. Agitate with brush if dealing with tough contaminants. Let sit for a few minutes, then wipe down with a microfiber cloth.
4. Rinse wheels again, then dry with a clean microfiber cloth.
5. Repeat if necessary.