Dr. Beasley's Nano Resin Kit

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Dr. Beasley's Nano Resin Kit

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Dr. Beasley's Nano Resin Kit

NANO-RESIN KIT is a complete nanocoating system for glossy paint. Graded for 3 years of durability, Nano-Resin makes paint self-clean with hydrophobic properties and resists micro-marring. Leaves a brilliant, long-lasting gloss with a stunning candy-like finish.

3-YEAR DURABILITY With proper maintenance get up to 3 years or more of protection

ACTIVE HYDROPHOBICITY Engineered to push water off, reducing water spots after washing or rinsing

ULTRA-DEEP SHINE Enhances gloss with remarkable depth and candy-like shine

ALL-IN-ONE KIT Provides applicator, prep product and coating in one package

 3-Year Durability

Nano-Resin Kit is rated for 3 years of durability, with a warranty* available when installed by an Authorized Detailer. Keep up regular maintenance and it can last even longer.

 Makes Water Beads Slide Off

Beads of water on paint look cool, but let them sit for too long and they can become water spots. Nano-Resin actively repels water to keep it from drying and staining.

 Helps Vehicle Self-Clean

Hydrophobicity helps water pick up and rinse away gunk with ease. Clean faster and get better results, too.

 Incredible, Mirror-Like Gloss

Nano-Resin radiates gloss with its candy-like finish. Use NSPs to correct beforehand and it’ll look even better.

 Resists Micro-Marring

Nano-Resin forms a flexible shield over paint to resist micro-marring for better coating longevity.

 All-In-One Kit

With the Nano-Resin Kit, you get all the coating application tools you need in one box. Paint Coating Builder, an applicator and the coating itself are all included.

How Does It Work?

When applied, Nano-Resin bonds with the clear coat to form a permanent nanostructured barrier.

Kit Contents

(1) Nano-Resin – 1 oz

(1) Paint Coating Builder – 2 oz

(1) Foam Block Applicator

(2) Suede Cloths

Technical Info

    • Thickness: 2-4 μm 
    • Water Contact Angle: 110 degrees
    • pH Tolerance: 11 
    • Durability: 3 years w/ AdvanceCoat: Gloss 

(See After Care tab above)

  • Consumption: 1 oz per average car body