Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat 8oz

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Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat 8oz

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Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat 8oz

Metal Coat is an easy application nano ceramic coating designed to shield reflective metal surfaces and restore gloss. Non-toxic and 100% VOC free, it’s safe to use on anything from car trim to kitchenware. 

 Resists staining and micro-marring
 Restores reflective gloss
 Bonds instantly

Why Metal Coat?

Metal Coat is an easy applying nano ceramic coating for reflective metal surfaces. But what does that mean for you?

Keep Your Metal Gleaming

Chrome and stainless steel shine like no other, but between the hard water spots, oxidation and staining, maintaining a reflective metal surface can be a headache. This is especially true on a vehicle’s chrome or aluminum trim – they’re constantly exposed to exhaust fumes, brake dust and acid rain, inevitably leading to a dulled appearance. Metal Coat solves this by forming an invisible coating over your metal surface that restores its gloss while protecting it from dulling contaminants, even rust.

Powerful Durability

Stainless steel unfortunately doesn’t stay stainless for long. Metal Coat’s cross-linked bond helps stainless steel live up to its name with a powerfully resistant barrier to resiststaining and etching. And with incredibly long-lasting protection, you’ll get years of resilience on daily drivers and practically permanent coverage on low-use vehicles.

Fast Cleaning

When reflective metal gets dirty, it can be frustrating to clean. Scrubbing the contaminant might get rid of it, but you’ll be left with a horrifically marred surface. Metal Coat’s hydrophobic surface, however, makes cleanups a breeze. Water, mud and any other liquid will bead off instantly, requiring only a simple rinse to eliminate.

Safe For The Kitchen

Because Metal Coat is 100% VOC free, it’s 100% safe to use on any exposed metal kitchen appliance. Use it on your metal refrigerator or sink!

How Does It Work?

After being applied to a clean, dry surface, Metal Coat forms a cross-linked bond to instantly create an invisible protective barrier, meaning you can wipe it down with no cure time, ensuring no residue is left behind. The barrier resists etching, restores clarity, has superhydrophobic properties, and blocks oxidation to prevent rust.