Dr. Beasley's Matte Body Wash 12oz

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Dr. Beasley's Matte Body Wash 12oz

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Dr. Beasley's Matte Body Wash 12oz

MATTE BODY WASH is a matte and satin finish-safe wash soap, formulated without wax, paraffin, silicones or fillers to preserve the finish in factory condition. Utilizes active surfactants to lift out and remove contamination, cleaning the paint to help maintain an even, healthy finish.

SAFE ON MATTE No-filler formulation preserves factory appearance with no shine or gloss added

REMOVES DIRT AND GRIME Active surfactants lift out and remove contamination for a cleaner, healthier finish

SATIN & GLOSS COMPATIBLE Appearance-preserving formula works with satin and glossy paint

GREAT ON MATTE WRAPS Features multi-substrate compatibility to be safe on matte wraps and film

No Added Gloss
Unlike most car wash soaps, Matte Body Wash is formulated with absolutely no fillers, silicones, waxes or paraffin so your matte finish stays flat.

Works On Wraps & PPF
You can also use Matte Body Wash to clean matte-finished vinyl wraps and paint protection film—not just paint!

Active Contaminant Removal
Matte Body Wash’s active surfactants pull and lift out loose bits of gunk for more effective cleaning and healthier paint.

Great For Foam Guns & Cannons
Go ahead and load up your foamer of choice with Matte Body Wash, then watch the suds go.

Compatible With All Finishes
Because Matte Body Wash preserves finish appearance, it’s totally safe to use on glossy paint in addition to matte and satin.

Maintains Matte Nanocoatings
Matte Body Wash keeps Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Coating or Matte Paint Coating Pro clean for better protection.


 1. Add Matte Body Wash to empty bucket. (Dilution: 2 generous capfuls of soap per gallon of water used)

2. Add water and agitate with wash pad to generate suds.

3. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle.

4. Begin washing car from top to bottom, section by section. Rinse wash pads often to remove dirt.

5. After car has been thoroughly washed, rinse until all foam and suds are removed.

6. Dry vehicle with soft, clean microfiber towels. (If following with Matte Paint Coating do not dry)

Tip: Wash car at least twice per month to keep the finish clean.