Dr. Beasley's Leather Lock Pro Kit 30ml

Dr. Beasley's Leather Lock Pro Kit 30ml - CARZILLA.CA
Dr. Beasley's Leather Lock Pro Kit 30ml - CARZILLA.CA
Dr. Beasley's Leather Lock Pro Kit 30ml - CARZILLA.CA
Dr. Beasley's Leather Lock Pro Kit 30ml - CARZILLA.CA

Dr. Beasley's Leather Lock Pro Kit 30ml

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The Leather Lock Pro Kit contains all the tools needed to protect your leather surfaces from staining, fading, and friction damage. Extend the life of your leather while keeping it looking and feeling new.

  •  Superhydrophobic to prevent stains
  •  Resists UV fading and cracking
  •  Reduces surface friction to stop abrasion
  •  For professional detailers & experienced enthusiasts

Why Leather Lock Pro Kit?

The Leather Lock Pro Kit is the ultimate protective coating for leather surfaces. But how does that protection work?

Stop Staining

Spill some soda on a leather surface and you’ll be looking at a stain in no time. That’s because your leather’s tiny perforations allow liquid to seep through, discoloring the surface. To prevent this, Leather Lock Pro creates a superhydrophobic barrier over your leather, so any spilled coffee will bead on the surface instead of seeping in, ensuring your leather stays stain-free. This superhydrophobicity makes clean-up a cinch, too – just wipe off the beaded liquids and you’re done!

Reduce Abrasion

Abrasion from your clothes is a big factor in how leather deteriorates. As you get in and out of your car on a daily basis, your clothes rub up against your leather, slowly wearing them down. Eventually, your leather will start to fall apart. To stop this premature aging, Leather Lock Pro’s coating reduces this abrasion by making your leather slightly sleeker, cutting down on friction so you can be sure your jeans aren’t wearing your leather seats out. 

Keeps Leather Looking and Feeling Fresh

Leather has a tendency to dry out, fade and crack after prolonged exposure to UV/UVB rays. So if you end up having to park your car in the sun, your leather won’t just get piping hot – it’ll start to fade, too. That’s why we formulated Leather Lock Pro to have extraordinary UV blocking properties – it’ll keep your leather looking and feeling like the day you bought it.

How Does It Work?

When applied to a leather surface primed with Leather Coating Prep, Leather Lock Pro bonds to the surface, forming an invisible barrier. After a short setting time (roughly half an hour) the proprietary formula creates a net-like 3D ceramic structure over your leather that allows it to breathe while also imparting superhydrophobic properties. After coating, your leather will require occasional maintenance to last as long as possible. Use Dr. Beasley’s Fine Leather Cleanser for routine cleaning and Dr. Beasley’s Leather Cream to keep the surface supple.

Although rarely seen in vehicles, it should be noted Leather Lock Pro cannot be used on full aniline leather (also called pure/true/naked aniline) as it does not have a top coating to be bonded with.

What The Kit Includes:

(1) 1 oz Leather Lock Pro

(1) 2 oz Leather Coating Prep

(1) Foam Applicator

Application Instructions

1. Ensure leather surface is clean and dry. Shake Leather Coating Prep and spray on to leather surface, then wipe off immediately with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Repeat until all the leather surfaces are prepped. This will remove any excess residue and provide anchor points for the coating to bond with.
2. Shake Leather Lock Pro and prime the foam applicator by applying 8-10 drops.
3. Guide the foam applicator over the leather surface in overlapping vertical then horizontal lines, using the edge of the applicator to ensure sure all stitching is treated.
4. Allow the leather surface to cure for 20-30 minutes, then wipe down with a fresh microfiber towel.
5. Repeat steps 3-4 until all surfaces are treated. Add 3-4 more drops when moving to a new leather surface.