Dr. Beasley's Advance Coat: Glass

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Dr. Beasley's Advance Coat: Glass

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Dr. Beasley's Advance Coat: Glass

A maintenance booster for Glass Serum and Glass Serum Pro, AdvanceCoat: Glass goes into your vehicle’s windshield wiper fluid reservoir so that whenever you use your wiper fluid, you reinforce your coating’s hydrophobicity, durability and clarity. Get the most out of your glass ceramic coating – pick up the 4-pack today!

 Reinforces durability
 Restores water beading
 Easy wiper fluid application

Why AdvanceCoat: Glass?

You know AdvanceCoat: Glass is a maintenance booster for Glass Serum and Glass Serum Pro coatings. But how does that boosting power work?

Strengthen Your Coating

Glass Serum and Glass Serum Pro are both incredibly effective ceramic coatings for your windshield and exterior glass. But like any other part of your car, they require proper maintenance to keep them performing at a high level. AdvanceCoat: Glass gives you the power to practice that maintenance through its concentrated blend of ceramic ingredients that restore water beading properties, strengthen durability and improve visual clarity. You deserve the full potential of your coating’s abilities – and AdvanceCoat: Glass can help unlock them.

Easy Application

Most maintenance boosters require you to hand apply once every 3 months. With AdvanceCoat: Glass, however, application is as simple as the turn of a switch. That’s because AdvanceCoat: Glass goes in to your windshield wiper fluid reservoir, so whenever you spray your wiper fluid, you’re boosting your coating. Just add a new bottle to your reservoir whenever you add more fluid and your boosting power will be replenished.

How Does It Work?

When dispensed from your windshield wiper fluid sprayer, AdvanceCoat: Glass reintroduces the ingredients your ceramic coating needs for high durability, hydrophobicity and visual clarity.

Application Instructions

1. Remove cap from windshield wiper fluid reservoir and ensure the reservoir is full. 2. Empty one bottle of AdvanceCoat: Glass into the reservoir.
3. Use windshield wiper fluid as you would normally.
4. Whenever refilling your reservoir with fluid, add a new shot of AdvanceCoat: Glass.
Dr. Beasley's Suggests

Do not pour into an empty reservoir. Always ensure reservoir contains at least 1 gallon of wiper fluid before adding this product.