P&S Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo Concentrate 32oz

P&S pearl auto shampoo

P&S Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo Concentrate 32oz

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Biodegradable soap

Foam cannon worthy

P&S Pearl Shampoo can be used in a hand foaming pump or foam cannon. The lather helps in bleeding off contaminants, making bucket wash safer.

pH-neutral soap, safe for waxes, sealants, and excellent for maintaining ceramic coatings.

Bead Maker

P&S's signature product, Bead Maker, produces a slick and glossy finish.

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Dream Maker

P&S Dream Maker is a gloss booster, though not as durable as Bead Maker, it will enhance the paint's finish even more.

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Paint Gloss

P&S Paint Gloss has anti-static additives, making it a great topper for BeadMaker, reducing dust attraction.

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Rinseless & waterless Wash

Did you know that P&S Pearl Shampoo can be used as a rinseless and waterless wash? Pearl is a very "clean" shampoo that leaves minimal soap residue, making the wiping-off process clean and ensuring no streaks are left behind.

Demo here by none other than Renny Doyle.

Scroll down for detailer reviews and FAQs.

Environmentally friendly, pH balanced, 100% biodegradable, and safe for all washing applications. Easy on the finish of vehicles and gentle on your hands, Pearl Wash Concentrate is formulated to the highest environmental standards. It provides good foam stability and lubricity. Pearl can be used by hand or proportioned through a dilution device for hand or machine use.

P&S Pearl is unlike dedicated foaming soap, and thus, it won't create massive suds. The point of Pearl Shampoo is to have as few additives as possible, making it a no-rinse soap as well. Imagine being able to wipe off the soap with a towel without rinsing!

1oz per gallon, or 1:128. Exactly the same as when doing a bucket wash.

Yes, the concept is unfamiliar, but we still prefer using a dedicated rinseless or waterless solution. Technically, soap may leave some residue behind. If you do use it as a rinseless or waterless wash, we suggest you do a final wipe-down with a quick detailer.unfamiliar

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