P&S Double Black Carpet Bomber 16oz Ready to Use

P&S Carpet Bomber 16oz

P&S Double Black Carpet Bomber 16oz Ready to Use

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Carpet, cloth seats. and convertible top cleaner

P&S Carpet bomber cleaning cloth seats
P&S Carpet bomber cleaning cloth seats and stains
P&S carpet bomber tackles stubborn carpet stains

Safe and dries clean

P&S Carpet Bomber is safe on all fabric and canvas surfaces, including automotive Alcantara finishes. It's not caustic like some cleaners and degreasers. Once Carpet Bomber dries, it won't leave any harsh chemical residues behind, making it safe for kids and pets.

Heavy Stain Remover

P&S Terminator is the first step in getting your carpeting clean; it removes salt stains and heavy soiling.

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Odor neutralizer

Finisher Peroxide Treatment is Step #3 in the Double Black Interior Cleaning System. Finisher completes the system by providing a final attack on odor-causing molecules and organic stains.

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Use with Foaming Pump

Carpet Bomber can be used with a foamer for some foaming action.

Shop Marolex Foamer
P&S carpet bomber cleaning cloth seats and convertible tops.

Extractor not required

Since P&S Carpet Bomber does not leave any caustic chemicals behind, you don't require a water extractor to vacuum it back up; it can be dabbed or wiped dry with a microfiber towel or air-dried. There may be some smells left behind, and you can use P&S Finisher Peroxide to neutralize them.

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Citrus derivatives, biodegradable cleaners and water based solvents dissolve grease and lift dirt from carpet, vinyl, engines, wheel wells and painted surfaces. Carpet Bomber rinses away foreign particles and stains that most cleaners leave behind. Provides a safe, natural solution to vehicle heavy duty cleaning and degreasing. Carpet Bomber may be used full strength on tough applications. Ready to use.

Yes, you can use APC to clean fabric surfaces, but it may not be as safe and efficient due to its high pH level. Incomplete extraction may result in leaving caustic chemicals behind in the carpeting and fabric. This is not a problem with dedicated fabric cleaners.

Yes, it is formulated to effectively and safely remove dirt, stains, and odors on all types of fabrics. However, if you need an extra 'kick,' use P&S Terminator Stain Remover first.

Yes, it is safe to use on any fabric surfaces.

Any will do. The most popular options among detailers are the Marolex Axel foamer and the iK Foam Pro 2.

Note, only the gallon version of Carpet Bomber is concentrated.

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