Dodo Juice Orange Crush 250ml

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Dodo Juice Orange Crush 250ml

Orange oil is one of nature's best solvents, degreasers and orange-smelling-type things.  In fact, it's too good not to be in a wax of its own, so we invented Dodo Juice Orange Crush, which contains orange oil along with carnauba and beeswax, to create a soft wax for warm coloured cars.

Use: Apply Dodo Juice to clean paintwork using a foam applicator pad, then allow to cure for 5 minutes, without allowing to cake on.  Buff off with a clean microfiber cloth, additional layers can be applied after 24 hours if necessary.

Coverage: You can make Dodo Juice go a long way, this 250ml jar of hard wax should be enough for 20-30 wax layers.

Care: Dodo Juice isn't that fussy, but prefers to be kept in a cool, dark area, out of direct sunlight.