Dodo Juice Banana Armour 250ml

Dodo Juice Banana Armour 250ml

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Dodo Juice Banana Armour 250ml

Banana Armour was our first Hard Wax and some people still swear it has a mustical superiority over its bretheren.  Because it's a hard was, it spreads very thinly by foam applicator.  Always layer it if you want the best shine and protection.  We've had good reports of Banana Armour on black and silver cars, as well as warm coloured ones.  It really isn't funny at all.

We like bananas, because they probably grow on Mauritius. And let’s face it, dodos would have lasted a bit longer if they could have unzipped them with their beaks, then enjoyed them with rum and brown sugar on a barbecue.

Therefore, in tribute to the humble banana, we have named our hard wax for warm coloured cars ‘banana armour’. It also sounds like an 80s girl band, but that’s only if you’re old enough to remember.

Following on with the warm theme, we have used some Yellow Beeswax in this recipe and, er, made it yellow and bananary. Bananary isn’t a word, by the way. We just made it up.

Use it on all warm coloured cars, including metallics and pearlescents. Yellows, oranges, reds, that kind of thing.

se: Apply Dodo Juice to clean paintwork using a foam applicator pad, then allow to cure for 5 minutes, without allowing to cake on.  Buff off with a clean microfiber cloth, additional layers can be applied after 24 hours if necessary.

Coverage: You can make Dodo Juice go a long way, this 250ml jar of hard wax should be enough for 20-30 wax layers.

Care: Dodo Juice isn't that fussy, but prefers to be kept in a cool, dark area, out of direct sunlight.