Diamond Interior 50ml

Diamond Interior 50ml

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Diamond ProTech Diamond Interior 50ml


Diamond Interior is formulated for interior surfaces such as vinyl, plastic and trim. Diamond Interior will restore and enrich vehicle interior surfaces while providing up to 12 months of UV, water, and stain resistance.

  • Shake well for 15 seconds and then apply a small amount (approximate size of 2 Quarters/50 Euro cent coins) of Diamond Interior on a foam applicator.
  • Using even cross hatch movements, apply Diamond Interior to 1-2 elements at a time. Work horizontally and then cover vertically across the entire surface.
  • Follow up immediately to polish the treated surfaces with a clean microfiber towel to level and evenly spread the coating, taking care to remove any excess residue in the process. Repeat procedure till all elements are coated.
  • 30 min after application the car is ready for exploitation.