Diamond Body 50ml

Diamond Body 50ml

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Diamond ProTech Diamond Body 50ml


Diamond Body is our breakthrough nanodiamond coating that doesn't require professional training to achieve amazing, hydrophobic results on your vehicle. Prep the car then apply with ease. Diamond Body will yield up to 18 months of hydrophobic protection.

  • Shake well for 15 seconds. Apply 8-10 drops on a microfiber applicator.
  • Apply to 1 element of the car in crosshatch fashion. Wait 1 minute to allow the product to bond to the surface.
  • Begin to polish the treated surfaces with a clean microfiber towel to level and evenly spread the coating. Use an additional light source to control your work, taking care to remove any excess residue in the process.
  • Immediately after application of Diamond Body the car is ready for exploitation.