CycloShine 3.0 Pro Wheel Detailing Stand - Fixed Frame

CycloShine 3.0 Pro Wheel Detailing Stand - Fixed Frame - CARZILLA.CA

CycloShine 3.0 Pro Wheel Detailing Stand - Fixed Frame

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CycloShine 3.0 Pro Wheel Detailing Stand - Fixed Frame with Vertical rollers and caster wheels

The perfect wheel detailing stand with all of the capabilities you could ever want to make cleaning, polishing and coating wheels faster, easier and more ergonomic than ever before.

  • Patent pending 3-point of contact design with rollers for maximum stability and ease of rotation
  • All powder-coated steel frame and rollers and all stainless-steel fasteners for optimal corrosion resistance and premium performance look
  • Adjustable rubber feet standard for a solid base or optional stainless-steel casters for easy movement of wheels on the stand and total lock capability to prevent caster rolling and rotating to lock the stand in place when needed
  • T handle top for easy moving of the stand and can be used to hang stand when collapsed for a smaller storage footprint
  • Adjustable roller bracket for optimal working angle for wheel stability and to accommodate various wheel sizes
  • Optional vertical rollers on the front to prevent potential wheel walking off the stand during use
  • Optional extension to support extra-large wheels (see red roller pictures)
  • Dimensions 19"x18"x44"
  • Weight ~25lbs
  • Wheel pictured is 32” in diameter for example
  • Colour: Grey Rollers + Vertical Rollers + Casters

Warning: Rollers may not appear perfectly smooth and may have small bumps, light marring, uneven texture or small touched up spots in the powder coat.

Warning: Wheels can sometimes walk forwards/backwards as they are spun on the rollers. This is due to tires not being a perfect cylinder and gaining uneven traction one way or another as they spin. Always be aware as you are working.

Both versions, the Spinning Base & Support Arm and Fixed Frame version come with 4x casters and 2x vertical rollers.

All purchases are final. This product cannot be returned (full warranty applies).

Q: What's the difference between Spinning Base vs Fixed Frame?

A: The spinning base design is better suited as a benchtop model for polishing/coating and detail work after the wheel has been cleaned. We generally recommend the fixed frame for washing because the rear arm obviously provides stability while scrubbing and blasting the wheel with a pressure washer. Then afterwards you would put the wheel on a spinning base up on a benchtop so it is at an easier working height and allows for access to both sides of the wheel without having to pick up and turn the wheel around manually.