Collinite 390 Pre-Wax Auto Polish 16oz

Brand: Collinite

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Remove defects & achieve a high gloss finish that's ready for Collinite's signature wax protection. 

  • Eliminates minor paint defects; fine scratches/swirls, water spots, mild oxidation & wash marks

  • Imparts a smooth, high gloss shine

  • Facilitates the easy application-and improves the bond-of any of Collinite's durable wax coatings 

  • Clear coat safe, machine-friendly

All new clear-coat safe, micro abrasive polish eliminates minor paint defects like fine scratches/ swirls, water spots, mild oxidation, and wash marks from surface; finishing down to impart a smooth, high gloss shine; while facilitating the easy application-and improving the bond-of any of Collinite’s last step durable wax coatings; 845, 476 or 915. Not for use on rubber or black trim. Handcrafted and poured in the USA.