Coatic Vortex 5 Inch Backing Plate Rupes BigFoot

Coatic Vortex 5 Inch Backing Plate Rupes BigFoot

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Coatic Vortex 5 inch 125mm backing plate is compatible with RUPES LHR12E Duetto, Rupes LHR15 Mark II / III, and LHR21 Mark II / III.

Vortex cooling technology provides an additional heat dissipation function, as well as upgraded performance, balance and precision.

Precision designed, engineered and manufactured in house using premium grade aluminium. Vortex backing plate also sits below the anti-spin shroud allowing for a higher spin rate and free-spin orbits to enhance the compounding action of the machine thus eliminating the needs for an additional washer modification. Increased spinning speed will increase cutting abilities and reduce the time needed for cutting stages.

Vortex backing plate is the perfect companion with wool or microfiber cutting pads and can significantly reduce work time. At higher speeds Vortex will increase vibration slightly which is normal.

**Coatic washer modification is not required as it is built into the Vortex plate**

IMPORTANT - READ ME: Does not come with a mounting M8 bolt, use your existing one.  When removing your polishing pad, do not just 'peel' the pad off, use the Rupes Claw Tool or credit card and stab into the velcro to remove, or the velcro will delaminate when the plate's still hot.

Made in UK.