Coatic Silicone Block for Coatings, Sanding & PPF

Coatic Silicone Block for Coatings, Sanding & PPF

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Introducing the Worlds 1st Reusable ceramic coating applicator block - a must for professionals looking to utilise optimum amounts of expensive coating liquid without wastage. Coatic© Block can also be used for ppf application to remove air bubble and apply even pressure to edges.

Specially designed and engineered for Zero liquid absorption to allow 100% of the coating to remain on the chosen applicator. The Coatic block was designed to be used with microfibre cloths which can be cut into 8x8cm squares for cost and waste reduction, alternatively we recommend our own super premium microfibre applicators.

Coatic© block also doubles up as a sanding block and can be used with felt for glass polishing.

The idea was to create a sustainable and reusable block which will also reduce product wastage.

Coatic© block can be used in many ways and can be coupled with another block if needed for larger surface areas.

Made from premium grade A75 silicone our Coatic© block is washable with water&detergent and is coated with a non stick omniphobic coating to ensure optimum performance.

Use in conjunction with Coating suede sheets HERE.

Size: 65mmx28mmx25mm

Made in UK.