CarPro ImmoLube 500ml

CarPro ImmoLube 500ml

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CarPro ImmoLube 500ml

Immolube is a special mixture of surfactants and solvents made for reducing friction while sanding, polishing or claying painted automotive surfaces.

Its slick, non-stick formula offers enough viscosity to reduce unwanted digging, and marring.  Immolube has no protective polymers and no gloss enhancers in it and is easy to remove with a wash or wipe. 

ImmoLube works wonders while using sanding discs for spot repairs or  denibbing and is an excellent partner for priming your polish pads as well.

How to use: 

1. Shake well.

2. Spray over the sanding disc, polishing pad, or clay bar and over the work area.

3. Start polishing or claying, keep surface lubricated.

4. Wipe off and wash once complete