CARPRO Eraser Intensive Polish & Oil Remover

CarPro Eraser Intensive Polish & Oil Remover 500ml - CARZILLA.CA
CarPro Eraser Intensive Polish & Oil Remover - CARZILLA.CA
CarPro Eraser Intensive Polish & Oil Remover - CARZILLA.CA

CARPRO Eraser Intensive Polish & Oil Remover

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Pre-coating prep

Paint Inspection

Eraser can also be used as a post-polish inspection fluid to remove fillers and product residues. Its special blend of alcohols and surfactants is safe to use on delicate surfaces, and it contains no harmful petroleum distillates.

Diamond Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating that is hard like diamond will certainly increase your paint's hardness level.

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The classic Cquartz UK 3.0 is excellent for salt and chemical tolerance, making it ideal for winter-driven vehicles.

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Diamond Window Coating

A super hard ceramic coating that will reduce sandblast marks and keep your windshield pristine.

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Dilutable dressing/coating

Eraser is also a great multi-surface cleaner that can be used to clean glass streak-free. It is versatile enough to be used on interior surfaces such as plastics and leather prior to applying a leather coating. Please note that while Eraser is not a strong cleaner, it leaves surfaces clean without any chemical residues.

Scroll down for detailer reviews and FAQs.

Intensive Polish & Oil Remover

An excellent all around cleaner, Eraser was specifically designed for the complete removal of polishing oils for inspection and prior to the application of CQuartz or any other coating, wax, or sealant.  However due to the alcohol mixed with Eraser's special degreasing agent we have found it also makes an excellent streak free glass cleaner and also works as a general purpose degreaser and cleaner for many situations.  A final wipedown with Eraser on your tires will leave them cleaner than a tire wash and scrub alone.

Until now IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and water mixture, have been used to remove polish residue and fillers from auto paint before a wax or paint sealant are applied. This step allows you to check your work following compounding and it is supposed to ensure a totally clean paint surface on which the LSP (last step product) can bond.  IPA loosens oil but the problem occurs as oil can be spread around or redeposited as you wipe the paint.

Eraser goes a step further with its intense cleaners that dissolve oils. Eraser breaks down polish residue as well as removing dust. It has the added bonus of cleaning better than an ordinary IPA, due to its patented degreasing formula. Eraser makes it possible for everyone to get the perfectly clean surface prior to the application of Cquartz or any other coating, wax, or sealant.  Furthermore, with our proprietary blend you will not find even a hint of that nasty IPA smell when using Eraser


  • Eraser is an intense cleaner designed to dissolve oil particles and remove polish residue to prepare the paintwork for Cquartz.

  • When you wipe down your polished vehicle with Eraser Intense Oil & Polish Cleanser, you’re removing oils, fillers, and dust completely.

  • Application of CQuartz or your chosen LSP will bond much better and create a long-lasting shine with great protection while giving the user peace of mind as to the quality of the surface prior.

  • Eraser also has anti-static components to resist dusting after wiping. The paint will stay dust-free while you’re in the process of applying Cquartz so you don’t have to keep re-cleaning panel by panel.

  • Eraser contains no silicone and is completely safe for use in paint shops and body shops.

  • Eraser smells great, which is definitely not true of a homemade IPA! CarPro Eraser Intense Oil & Polish Cleanser is the next step and an evolution beyond IPA.

  • Prepare your vehicle for the best results with Cquartz by erasing oil and polish residue.

  • Due to Eraser key ingredients & make up Eraser also makes a fantastic glass cleaner and degreaser. It leaves a streak free finish, to glass every time with the added benefit of a static free finish so the glass stays cleaner longer.


  • Flip and change out your towels often as you work across the vehicle.

Carpro eraser, it's a paint coating prep spray and not your regular diluted down IPA (Isopropyl alcohol)!

Q: Can’t I just use diluted down IPA?

Most certainly, it's common to do 50/50 with water, but here are some caveats: when mixing IPA, you should always use distilled water, tap water is too hard (will leave mineral deposits when dries).  If mixed too strongly, isopropyl alcohol will evaporate too quickly and will actually leave white streaks and residue, which defeats the purpose.  And if mixed too light, it's not strong enough to fully strip polish oils off and prep the surface for ceramic coating.

Eraser will have non of the issues above, it's a spray, wipe and done.

Q: What else can I use this on?

Did you know Carpro Eraser is anti-static?  Not only this is great for cleaning windows, it's also safe on tint, plastics, and all sorts of surfaces.  Creating an an-static effect is crucial in removing polish oil residues prior to coating, the last thing you want is after wiping the car down, it's dusty again!...  This is especially true for plastic bumpers, and headlights.

Wax users can take advance of Eraser also.  After IronX, clay bar, wash etc., quickly spray it down with Eraser and off you go to waxing.  This promos product adhesion.

Q: Is this a must before coatings?

Yes - and here's the thing, after spending 12 hours prepping and polishing your vehicle, you want the coating to bond properly to preserve your work.  This is true to window coatings also.

Q: Wait, I can Eraser as a pad cleaner also?

Of course! This is the perfect pad cleaner and here's why: Since Eraser is an alcohol-based product, it evaporates in a few, meaning a dryer pad!!  If you've tried other pad cleaners before, it wets and soaks your pad, plus the compound residue and gunk etc., the additional liquid overloads the pad even more.  This problem the Eraser doesn't have.  You're going to use Eraser as a polish inspection spray and pre-coating spray anyway, use it on your pads too!

Q: Can I use it on leather also prior to coating?

Yes, and you should, that's because most leather cleaners are not 'clean' and will leave some surfactants & cleaning chemicals behind, which is fine if you're not going to do a Leather Ceramic.  But only use on automotive-grade "finished" leather.  Finished leather means "coated" leather, most modern automotive leather finishes are clear-coated.  It's not for your Gucci bags.

No. APCs, degreasers, or chemicals, in general, commonly leave chemical residues behind. In contrast, Eraser will leave no residues behind.

It's not optimal. If IPA is incorrectly mixed, it can evaporate too quickly and can leave a white haze behind, most noticeable on plastics.

Again, it's not optimal. Washing can still leave mineral deposits and other soap residues behind. We still suggest doing a quick Eraser wipe down even after washing. Since you're this far into the rabbit hole, might as well do it properly!

Eraser can also be used during the coating-maintenance stage. For example, after a year, if you'd like to top up your coating again, after decontamination and washing, you can wipe it down with Eraser again before applying another layer of coating. Eraser is not strong enough to take your coating off.

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