CARPRO Claybar 3 Pack Set (Mild or Hard)

carpro clay bar mild heavy
CARPRO Clays X3 Clay Bar Set - CARZILLA.CA

CARPRO Claybar 3 Pack Set (Mild or Hard)

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CARPRO Clay Bars

Prepare to enhance your detailing toolkit with our latest Decon Clay Kits. These kits are a must-have for every detailer, serving as a fundamental component for achieving flawless results. Our new clay bars are engineered with superior durability, showcasing heightened resistance to soap and high pH levels.

Now, you can choose from two exceptional options:

Mild Grade: A gentle yet effective clay bar that ensures meticulous decontamination, ideal for various detailing tasks.

Aggressive Version: For more demanding challenges, the aggressive version takes on stubborn contaminants with precision and efficiency.

Each kit includes three 100g clay bars, individually packaged in separate cases for convenient storage. This not only simplifies organization but also prolongs the shelf life of your clay bars.

Elevate your detailing experience with our new Decon Clay Kits. They are more than just clay bars; they're your partners in achieving unparalleled results. Upgrade your arsenal and take your detailing skills to the next level with our mild and aggressive options. It's time to experience the difference with our Decon Clay Kits, where durability meets versatility.

Options: Select Mild 3-Pack OR Hard 3-Pack