3" Buff and Shine Yellow Cutting Hex Pad 2-Pack

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3" Buff and Shine Yellow Cutting Hex Pad 2-Pack (4" Foam face) 430RH

Finding a simple to use self centering system has been the subject of many ideas and innovations in the reconditioning industry. The results have been scattered, until now.  The benefits of finding a solution are clear: instant centering achieves vibration free buffing with less fatigue and a better result.  

Along with the centering benefit B&S has shaped the front of the pad with a hex design and engineered a flexible backing plate that will accept air, rotary and random orbit buffers; the hex face will help dissipate polish or compounds evenly, minimizing grabbing and reducing heat while the backing plate helps reduce pad stiffness. Each of B&S' colored foam buffs has a measured cell structure that provides a different level of cutting or finishing.  Used in conjunction with your favorite buffing medium, this is the ultimate buffing solution.

  • Diameter: 4"
  • Hook and loop area: 3"
  • Yellow Cutting