6" Buff and Shine Uro-Tec Dark Blue Heavy Polishing Foam Pad

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Buff and Shine 6.5" Uro-Tec Dark Blue Heavy Polishing Foam Pad

The new URO-TEC from Buff and Shine are the latest items coming out of the factory.  Starting with their design to be perfectly balance for long throw machines that are on the market, to their open cell construction which allows long cycle times without reduction in performance, and the ability to dissipate heat quickly.  

• Engineered for perfect balance
• Open cell foam for heat disbursement
• Open cell foam for even product spread
• Designed for Long Throw Polishers & Orbitals

  • Loop diameter: 6"

  • Foam thickness: 1"

  • Face diameter: 7"

part# 656BN