Nanoskin BRAKE DUST Wheel Protective Shield 16oz

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Nanoskin BRAKE DUST Wheel Protective Shield 16oz

• Creates a firm barrier • Hardens to form a protective shield
• Repels brake dust and road grimes
• Amazing heat resistance
• Relentless water beading
• Spray-on, leave-off
• Single stage and clear coat safe

NANOSKIN BRAKE DUST is a scientific breakthrough that introduces a new dimension of wheel protection. This formula forms an amazing heat resistant barrier that repels brake dust and road grime. New hydrophobic polymer provides relentless water beading and protection against conventional acidic wheel cleaners. This breakthrough technology builds such incredible protection that wheels stay cleaner longer and clean up easier. A harsh wheel cleaner will no longer be necessary.


  1. Clean and thoroughly dry surfaces before treating.
  2. Mist BRAKE DUST onto the surface until the surface is fully covered.
  3. Allow to dry.