BLACKFIRE Hydro Seal Concentrate 4oz

BLACKFIRE Hydro Seal Concentrate 4oz

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BLACKFIRE Hydro Seal Concentrate 4oz

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate is already such an incredible product, the only way it could be made better is to make it even more affordable than it already is. BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate gives both the professional detailer and detailing enthusiast the ideal protection at the ideal price! With a dilution ratio of 1:7, a mere 4 oz. of BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate can give up a full 32 oz. of pure SiO2 protection. BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate is an expertly formulated product designed to make applying durable SiO2 protection to your paint easier than it has ever been. A simple spray and rinse application means you can provide intense hydrophobic properties to your entire paint surface in mere minutes.

Dilute accordingly.
Wash entire vehicle but do NOT dry - HydroSeal Concentrate is applied to wet surfaces!
After rinsing away your car wash, simply spray HydroSeal Concentrate directly onto the surface to be treated and immediately rinse away with your hose using a strong jet of water.
Continue around the vehicle working one panel at a time.
Following best practices, be sure to dry once completed.
Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.