BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker 32oz

BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker 32oz

Brand: Blackfire

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BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker was developed as a temporary shield that provides your paint enhanced protection from insect remains. BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is perfect to apply just before a long road trip or once a week during love bug season! The buffering agents in BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker will not only shield your paint from the insects but will even neutralize the acids in their bodily fluids, preventing them from corroding through your clear coat! Once your car is no longer at risk of bug bombardment, you can simply rinse or wash BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker (AND THE BUGS!) right off your car! BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is safe to use on all plastic, chrome, glass, and paint.

Bugs are serious problem for any car owner. Even if you aren't particularly fascinated with the world of automotive detailing, it is a pretty universally shared opinion that a grille covered in dead bugs is disgusting. It is more than just the sight of hundreds of insect carcasses stuck to your hood, windshield, grille, and side mirrors that should turn your stomach though. These insects' have highly corrosive bodily fluids that will slowly eat through your car's precious clear coat if they are left to sit on the surface for too long! While cleaning them off quickly enough does limit the damage, it doesn't eliminate it.

Hood, mirrors, grill, and bumpers should be clean and dry to the touch before applying Bug Blocker. Spray Bug Blocker directly onto vehicle surface. Spread evenly with a foam applicator and allow product to visibly dry before driving. For best results, remove Bug Blocker within 48 hours of application by washing the treated area with your favourite BLACKFIRE car wash, rinseless wash, or waterless wash. Reapply as needed.