Bilt Hamber Touch-On 1L

Bilt Hamber Touch-On 1L

Bilt Hamber Touch-On 1L

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Bilt Hamber Touch On

Crystalline hydrophobic treatment.

TOUCH-ON is a pressure washer, pump-spray, trigger, or bucket applied durable hydrophobic ceramic paint protection treatment that additionally has low-foaming, powerful detergency for most second stage bucket washes so that you can further clean the paint while simultaneously applying protection following TOUCH-LESS cleaning. Once applied, TOUCH-ON has dirt releasing properties too that works in conjunction with TOUCH-LESS in subsequent wash routines to produce superior contactless results. TOUCH-ON is water based, is not flammable nor contains alcohol or petrochemical solvents. Packed in one dose sized 30ml sachets in packs of 10, and 1ltr containers.


Vehicle must be cool and out of direct sunlight. Pre-wash with TOUCH-LESS cleaner to remove dirt or contamination on your paintwork. If further cleaning is required use AUTO-WASH concentrated shampoo and noodle wash mitt.

There are three methods that can be used to apply TOUCH-ON:

Pressure washer:
Add 30ml into washer or lance reservoir, top up to 300ml with clean cool water. Shake well and apply under pressure to entire vehicle. Immediately rinse using pressure washer. Dry vehicle with a microfibre cloth or similar. Alternatively, an air blower can be used.

Pour 30-60ml into a bucket then fill with 10 litres of warm water (preferably from a fast running tap), mix well. Apply using noodle wash mitt, sponge or similar. Rinse with clean water. Dry with a microfibre cloth or similar. Please note, this is not a high foaming bucket wash.

Trigger spray:
Add 30ml to trigger bottle and top up to 1 litre with (preferably mineralised/deionised) water. Shake well. Trigger apply liberally, panel by panel, then thoroughly rinse with pressure washer or hose. Dry with microfibre towel or air blower.

Car must not be allowed to air dry as water spotting may occur.