ArtDeShine Nano Graphene Coat NGC 50ml V2 (Certified Installers Only)

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The low thermal conductivity of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and corrosion resistance of reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) will help to reduce chemical reactions of contaminants aggravated by heat and UV that can otherwise result in etching, water-spotting and staining.

Graphene is said to be a “miracle material” due to an abundance of beneficial properties.  While expensive to manufacture, there are alternative forms of it that
offers identical performance like reduced graphene oxide (rGO).  The compatibility of rGO and polymer matrixes allows us to offer you a revolutionary product that is Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) based with rGO added. Combining the functionality and benefits of both PDMS and rGO unprecedented in the automotive care industry, Artdeshine’s Nano Graphene Coating provides you with a reliable and effective surface protection solution.

Combining the low thermal conductivity of PDMS and the ability of rGO to disperse heat quickly, the cooler surface reduces the effects of water etching, corrosion and harmful chemical reactions.

With polymer (PDMS) coatings already highly tensile, durable and flexible when absorbing daily wear and tear, the addition of rGO to a polymer matrix creates a composite material and reinforces these properties.

A smooth surface reduces friction, thus lowering the amount of force created by abrasive actions that can otherwise cause fine-lines and scratches. This results in significantly less damage caused during washing and drying.


Suitability: All paint types, matte plastics or trims, chrome, vinyl wraps, PPF.

Bonding Durability: 5 years / 350 washes, Normal conditions -20°C to +35°C, pH<12

5 years / 180 washes: extreme Conditions -40°C to +40°C, pH>12

Hydrophobic Durability: 2 years, 150 washes - pH neutral, 80 washes - pH >12

Chemical Resistance: 13>pH>3

Consumption: 3 ml/m2
Coating Thickness: 0,8 – 1.0 µm

Water Repellence: Contact angle 110-120°

Oil Repellence: Contact angle 85°

Curing Period:
Surface dry 24 hours or 4 hours
heat-assisted (50°C)

Full curing 7 days or 24hrs heat assisted (50°C)

Shelf Life:
2 years un-opened
6 months after opening

Includes: 1x 50ml NGC, 1x applicator, 1x NGC card


  • Shake well (important), apply enough products on the applicator to create a fine oily film.  Work in small 1x1 ft section if not wiping down with a damp towel.
  • Must be applied in a shaded cool area.
  • Must wipe off right away.
  • If the ambient temperature is too hot and streaking and shadowing start to occur, use a damp towel to lightly level the coating and remove streaks then buff with a dry towel.
  • Cures in 24 hours, layerable in 4~6 hours.



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Don J.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Best Protection For Price

Be aware, this product is not user friendly. If you don't know how or have learned how to apply this product you will not be happy. If you do know how and have learned, then this will be the nicest product you can use.

Heiko V.
Canada Canada
NGC is the ultimate protection

NGC is one of the nicest finishes and is fully comparable to ceramic pro products with 5yr durability. It does take a little getting used to as it's definitely different than a lot of ceramics. Very slippery finish! A+++

United States United States
3D Shine. Especially on metallics.

Simply the best. Hands down. Smells a little odd, but I would be worried if it smelled like a cosmetic cream. Again. The best coating.

Canada Canada
Very slick product once applied

After using ceramics for over 6 yrs now I have began applying some Graphene and I have to say so far I'm impressed! I had a few people warn me about this product being hard to remove, but I've done several vehicles now and the only time I had the product setting up super fast was when it was very humid and hot (of course it was also my first - never fails). This product goes on super smooth (stick to small 2ft by 2ft areas and wipe off immediately with one cloth and have another clean cloth to buff until the haze is gone). One suggestion I can make is that after 3 or 4 zones, toss your wipe off cloth and switch your buff cloth for wipe down and get a fresh buffing cloth ( you'll go through more cloths but it will make life so much easier) As far as how the product stands up over time, I cant comment yet as I haven't seen it after a few years (time will tell), but if the prep work is done right is should be a great product and last long :-)

Vince C.
United States United States
ArtDeShine NGC, Leveling Agent and Detail Spray Experience

I want to first thank Chris here at Carzilla for his professionalism and patience before, during and after the purchase of the three ADS Graphene products. I have been following all of the "talk" about graphene oxide products being introduced into the Car Detailing arena. I was completely enthralled with the NGC after watching Brian's ( from Apex Detail ) video that featured these products. I agree with nearly all that he has expressed with only one exception (to be revealed later). I just finished a 12.5 hour (in total) exterior detail that included washing, decontamination, claying, a 2 step correction and 2x coating application on a new 2019 Audi RS5 in the Sonoma Green Metallic. paint I'd like to share my experience using the above listed products with you. The Art De Shine NGC v2 was reasonably easy to work with after completing a test section and figuring out which microfiber towel combinations worked best for removal. I used the trunk lld as the test spot as it was a relatively small area and was easy to see in the artificial lighting of the garage bay. I found that 4 towels were needed for best results; one for initial gentle wipe and for transfer solution absorption (a low pile 300 gsm), a 450 gsm fluffy towel dampened with distilled water towel, a dual pile towel (higher pile side) for buffing and a microsuede for perfecting. (4 sets of each towel set per each a lot of towels were used and later disposed of in the trash!!) I found that my best approach in laying down the NGC serum was to not be too heavy nor too light on the application of the NCG and I attempted to smooth out the coating 's layer as much possible, similar to the way we used to apply the spray on wipe on and walk away last step sealants( aka WOWA sealants) I purchased a 50 ML bottle of NGC and used all but maybe 8-10 ml, completing two coats but did not include the wheels: ( I used Kamikaze Stance due to bare matte aluminum look of wheels). As far as the Leveling Solution...IT IS A MUST PURCHASE. this is the only thing that I respectfully disagree with Brian. Perhaps it was the paint type, perhaps it was because it was "*****" paint, but I am grateful that I purchased the Leveling Solution. Despite my abundance of lighting, and care and experience with lots of coatings ( 22PLE, CarPro, Kamikaze, GTechniq, Gyeon and the like), when pulled the RS5 outdoors I found several smears and areas of shadowing especially on the long wide hood and trunk areas. These were only visible in outdoor ambient lighting. I used lots of artificial lights and all looked great under those conditions! An inspection outdoors between and after each coat is a must!! I believe that these areas most affected by shadowing and smears were created by my technique of breaking up larger areas into smaller sections during the coating's application and my attempts to properly blending these individual sections into one large treated zone ( i.e the big wide long hood was done in four sections). The Leveling Agent was key, a necessity, taking the blotchy/shadowed and smeared areas from a mess to a masterpiece! I strongly suggest and highly recommend ( read as a mandate) that customers purchasing NGC MUST also get the Leveling Solution. I would have been devastated without it. I would also recommend purchasing additional ADS microfiber applicators. I used 6 in total (three for the first coat and 3 for second coat). The second coat, btw was easier and used a lot less serum than the first ( makes sense as the first coat fills the "pores" of the paint). The slickness was impressive even after the first coat. I allowed the finished coating to cure for longer that the recommended 24 hours before getting wet. On day 6, I wiped the any light garage dust off the finish with a distilled water dampened fluffy microfiber. The shine was terrific. I mixed the ADS Detail Spray at the recommended 9 parts distilled water to 1 part ADS concentrate. I spritzed the paint and used two new 450 fluffy microfiber towels, one to move the solution around the finish, the other one to buff dry. Easy!! I pulled the RS5 outside into the ambient light and easily corrected some minor smudges. Some worked their way out better with more detail spray, others corrected better with a water dampened towel. I used the Graphene Detailer everywhere. It's fun to work with. And the shine and slickness went to yet another level!! So all and all, Was I happy with the ArtDeShine products? .ABSOLUTELY. However, I would caution coating newbies and suggest buying the easier to use BX version or another coating recommended by Chris. Therefore Brian's recommendation of the BX version for new comers to coatings would also be spot on. I hope this helps....Again Chris , thank you for your guidance and advice (and patience with my phone calls)! I kept my word and posted my review!! Take care, all!! Vince